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    of experience in casting machinery

    Torin Casting Global Presence

    Our global annual sales is 500million CNY

    We export to 20 countries all over the world

    We product

    iron casting

    Technology Center

    The technical construction material center was built to invest more in product development and technological innovation, and meet the CAD and CAE capabilities required for independent R & D. We introduce the world advanced MAGMA simulation analysis software to reduce design defects, and improve the casting quality to do the improvements and innovations on the casting’s manufacturing and machining methods . We can offer low volume prototypes and design for manufacturing service.

    Production capacity

    Advanced equipmentto create excellentquality weapon

    TORIN respects technology leadership and use technology to create the future. Currently the company has a set of international advanced production & testing equipment, precise process, qualified management system and gathered a professional & high-level team group, we use new technologies, new processes, new materials to guarantee the products’ stability and reliability. Product quality extracted from the advanced manufacturing equipment, precise products extracted from the constant innovation.

    HWS Static Pressure Molding

    Flask: 1000×800×(320+320)mm

    Efficiency: 80~100 (boxes/hr)

    Weight: 5~200kg

    Material: Grey Iron, Nodular Iron


    Work for precisionUSE CAPABLE EQUIPEMENT

    Currently we have moulding and sand mixing equipment in 10T/H and 20T/H mixer each, one piece of 30T/H moving mixer, a shaking machine, one piece of furan-resin recycle machine, 3pcs of melting machines with 2pcs of 5T and 1pc of 3T. Fettling equipment has 2pcs of hanging shot-blasting machines.

    Furan-resin Automatic Molding Line

    Flask Parameter: 1500×1200×Max(500+500)mm

    Efficiency: 15 (boxes/hr)

    Weight: ≤1000kg

    Material: Grey Iron, Nodular Iron


    Professional castingtrust guarantee

    Trust as the professional; Choose as the trust.

    We can also offer machining solutions alongside quality castings.

    Mazak VTC200 Vertical Machining Center

    Starragheckert Horizontal Machining Center

    HONOR CNC Vertical Lathes

    MITSUBISHI Five Sided Gantry Machining Center

    SCHLEIFRING CNC Cylindrical Grinder

    LIEBHERR CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

    Full-automatic CNC Grinder-KLINGELNBERG H35



    TORIN has the strong technical force and a complete testing method, our company has 30 professional technicians for casting, with a comprehensive professional quality-inspection department including direct-reading spectrometers, defects detector, ultrasonic, tensile testing machine, carbon and sulphur analyzer, low temperature impact tester, Hexagon CMM and other types of high-level testing equipment to meet customer requirements for different quality levels of physical and chemical properties.

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